Water2Wine Cleaning

A chemical free cleaning service

Window Washing

We start by removing and marking all screens.
  • We hand wash each side of the screens and set the screens aside to dry.

  • We begin cleaning the outside of your windows first with a glass streak free cleaning cloth and a very concentrated window washing solution

  • We then use a scrapper, scrubber to remove  any light paint overspray, bug marks, sap, etc.

  • After thoroughly wetting the window again, we squeegee the water off and towel dry all around the edges where water collects.

  • After the outside windows are done, we will then move to the inside of your home.

  • When we are inside, we clean your window tracks and window sills.

  • As we are cleaning the inside of the windows we are careful to check at different angles for anything we may have missed we go back and correct any streaks or issues so that you windows are bright, clear and completely free of debris.